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Lenks Paradox Ctlr C Ctlr V OS Black

86,20 €
Saadavus: Laos
Kaal 1540
Backsweep Jah
Lenks kuju Y
Lenks siseläbimõõt 31,8 mm
Lenks välisläbimõõt 34.9
Lenks laius 650 mm
Lenks kõrgus 780 mm
Sälk Ei
Esmane kompressioonisüsteem SCS
Materjali tugevuse aste T6
Materjal CrMo

Thanks to the APA (Always Perfectly Aligned) system, your wheel will always sit perfectly straight in the direction of the ride. And without annoying adjustments. In other words, the APA system aligns the front wheel itself, you don't have to worry about a thing.

The APA system can only be used within the Paradox product family, i.e. APA fork + APA SCS/clamp + APA handlebar. Paradox parts are of course also compatible with other brands (which do not have the APA system), but in this case the APA bolt must be removed.

Everything is clearly shown in the video below.