Tald Native Ventura 6 x 23 Black


215,56 €
Saadavus: Laos
Kaal 1998
Concave Jah
Tald - kael Keevitatud
Tald - laius 152 mm
Tald - pikkus 580 mm
Headtube’i nurk 84
Headtube’i kõrgus 110
Jalaruum 430
Deck-end Box-end
Griptape Ei
Tald | Kokkusobivus ratta läbimõõduga 100, 110, 115, 120, 125
Kokkusobivus ratta rummu laiusega 24 mm, 30 mm
Tald | Kokkusobivus ratta kummi laiusega 24 mm, 26 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm
Piduri tüüp Flex pidur
Materjali tugevuse aste T6
Materjal Alumiinium

Comes with 24 x 8 mm, 30 x 8 mm, 30 x 12 spacers and 8mm axle


PLEASE NOTE: 125 mm wheels vs. the stock brake

While the Ventura Deck itself is compatible with all industry standard wheels you will have to remove the stock brake to run 125mm wheels. This is due to the low profile extrusion. Since our founding we have prioritised compatibility and will continue to do so wherever we can, but in this particular instance we valued the feel of the extrusion and concave above the ability to run the lesser common 125mm sized wheels with a brake. Other after market brakes and fenders can be substituted.